Marvel Legends The Avengers Trailer

It’s been a while since we did some stop-motion animation and between our extensive action figure collection and excitement for the new Avengers movie we just couldn’t resist. So here it is… Marvel Legends The Avengers Trailer in all it’s action figure stop-motion glory! This video endeavor marked our first attempt at working with Dragon Frame, an excellent piece of animation software. Lots of frames, figures, green screens and some serious After Effects work. Shot everything with a Canon 7D and we’re pretty happy with the way it turned out. We also got to collaborate with the talented animation madman TJY . You can check out some more of his art at and if you’re into action figures like we are take a peek at .

The Bad Vic and the Good Intentions Video EPK

Just finished up the space-aged video infomercial for the debut album of Bad Vic and the Good Intentions. Shot some performance footage of the band in their rehearsal space then did some serious geeking out with Bad Vic himself in After Effects. The band wanted things spacy to match their album artwork and we added a sort of 16-bit Sega Genesis look to it. The floating glass images were inspired by the Phantom Zone scene from Donner’s Superman and if you blink you might miss a few more comic references. We’re good friends with the guys in the band and hope this music takes off in this galaxy and beyond. You can download the album at

The full version of Clowns Vs. Ninjas is now online!

Just in time for Halloween the full version of Clowns Vs. Ninjas has been released online in all it’s clown bloodied glory. This is the short film version that was only seen during CVN’s film festival run with some additional never released footage for good measure. See it now at Clowns Vs. Ninjas was directed by David Brocca and produced by Albert Brocca. The film’s special effects were created by Jason Collins of Autonomous FX and features the music of The Other Side of Morning.

The website for the Knox Mine Disaster launches.

Knox Mine Disaster website

About the Film: Knox Mine Disaster – The End of Anthracite is a documentary centered on the coal mining tragedy that occurred on January 22, 1959 in northeastern Pennsylvania. At the direction of the Knox Coal Company miners dug too close to the underbelly of the Susquehanna River causing a break-in that flooded the mines with over 10 billion gallons of water, trapping 81 miners underground.

Knox Mine Disaster – The End of Anthracite

A first look at the feature documentary project tentatively titled “Knox Mine Disaster – The End of Anthracite”. The film focuses on the 1959 Knox Mine Disaster and the whirlpool of repercussions the disaster had on the deep coal mining industry of northeastern Pennsylvania.
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Barry Baz is Born

It’s a boy!!! At 6am on May 17th 2010, birthed from our Mac Pro, the comedy pilot “Barry Baz” plopped out at a whopping 9.5 gig. Our eyes swelled with pride as the little tike cried out “Boobies!”- his first words. We cleaned him up and sent him out into the cruel, harsh, world (the nearest film festival).
Good luck Barry Baz! Make us proud.

Clowns Vs Ninjas plays Nigeria???

Truth be told, when we decided to submit to the Ion International Film Festival we thought it took place in Los Angeles. Turns out the fest is a traveling film festival that screens films in a different location every year. Last year being in Los Angeles, this year being in Port Harcourt, Nigeria! Sorry we won’t be able to make out there but if your in town Clowns Vs. Ninjas screens Thursday, December 10th at noon.

International Horror and Sci-Fi Festival Accepts CVN

Tempe, AZ will host the 5th annual International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival with a duel screening of Clowns Vs. Ninjas. The festival takes place at the MADCAP Theaters with CVN screenings on Saturday, Oct. 17th at 4:30pm and Sunday, Oct. 18th at 2pm. The festival will have a special presentation of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre with the original scream queen Marilyn Burns. at 7:30pm on Oct.17. We have an autographed photo of Marilyn framed in our office : P